Packing Your Hospital Bag Quickly

The most important thing is being well prepared. This means having everything you need ahead of time, checking to make sure that all is in order, and storing the things you need to take with you in your Hospital MaternityBag somewhere convenient your partner knows where. Obviously, you need a compact bag to put everything into. Make sure this is within the maximum size allowed or you may have to unpack it at reception.

What You Need During Labour and Birth

The following is Maternity Bag’s minimum list (although we do drop in a few tasty extra goodies in our superior ranges). After you get back home with these super-essential items do check they are in order. Once you are in maternity ward you can hardly go back to the shop and exchange them, so make double sure everything in your Hospital MaternityBag is perfect.

  • Two really comfortable supportive maternity bras – these should be nursing bras if you are breastfeeding. Remember to upsize as your breasts will be larger than usual, and include 24 super-absorbent breast pads.

  • Something loose and easy-going to wear around the ward. You do not want your movement restricted. Allow for three changes of clothes.

  • Items of a personal nature, including dressing gown, towels, toothpaste and brush, soap and hairbrush, your favourite loo paper and whatever else you can’t do without.

  • For night-time wear, several front-opening loose-fitting nighties with separate or foldaway tops if you are planning breastfeeding.

  • Something to keep your mind occupied when you are bored with channel television. Crossword puzzles, books and magazines are always popular.

When You are Ready to Face your Fans

Remember to take a loose fitting comfortable outfit to wear for when you are discharged. Oh yes, and don’t forget something chic for baby to wear too. You are going to post the photos partner takes on Facebook and Pinterest, so they had better look good!

Last Orders Please

Plan the order of packing of your MaternityBag in advance. Your going-away gear belongs at the bottom as do spare outfits perhaps followed by Baby’s stuff and so on. Write down instructions for partner so they know how to pack, as you may be in a flap. That’s about all you need to know about packing your hospital bag quickly.

Of course, if you believe expectant mums deserve spoiling then speak to Maternity Bag instead. They will make sure your pre-prepared necessities arrive in time for when you need them, so you can concentrate on planning the arrival of your greatest achievement – your Baby of course!

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