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When do I buy a nursing bra and which one?

“Whoa, when did my boobs get so big?” Many expecting woman experience a “boom’ in breast growth at different degrees and time frames. Most woman notice an immediate change in sensitivity first. Size, shape and colour change during each trimester.

“When do I NEED a nursing bra?” There are many ideas of what and when, and different brands tell you mixed information. It varies from woman to woman and there is no right time for everyone. Does that help? Nope, not funny when you are pregnant, indecisive and have sensitive knockers.

So, we have scoured the net, seeked professional advice and come up with some tips on when to buy a nursing bra and which sort to purchase.

Leading brands recommend at least ‘a fitting’ the first week of your second trimester. Just to ensure you are not squished in your current bra’s, if your tea cups have become jugs overnight you might want to go sooner rather than later…

Personal choice. Boobs vary in size and shape, and it really is up to you. There is no right or wrong answer; just be comfortable and supported.

According to the ABA, your breasts begin to prepare for lactation quite early in pregnancy, some woman will outgrow their current bras faster than others.

Underwire vs. Wirefree…

Many women prefer the underwire fashionable bra; however, it is recommended that due to your breasts increasing and decreasing the wire may increase the risk of blocking a milk duct or cause mastitis.  However, there are some underwire bras available that have a softer, more flexible wire that is comfortable and less likely to cause problems.

‘Maternity bra’ and ‘nursing bra’ means the same thing

Early trimester; you will need a bra that fits and allows enough room for growth (wire if you like)

Last trimester; get another ‘fitting’ and allow room for another ‘boom’ in growth when your milk comes in. (wirefree or a flex wire)

Hospital Bag Bra; Easy access, flip down bra (especially first time Mums trying to attach Baby to your nipple correctly).

Final weeks of trimester (after your fitting) Find the style you like, open and close the bra cup to ensure it’s easy with one hand

If you love it, get one in each colour (up to 3) so you have spares in case of any sneaky leaky’s or milk spew ups.

The Maternity Bra’s/brand top 5;

  • HotMilk… I bought 4 and they were amazing. They last for both my boys, plus I have handed them onto another pregnant friend who also says they are a gold. Excellent support for larger breasts. Our favs; ‘Lure’ and the ‘my necessity’ bras.

  • Berlei… Huge range (especially underwire style), love the ‘sensational maternity bra’, it’s super soft and easy on the sensitive puppies.

  • Bras n things… Great fitting specialists, big range for all sizes. We love ‘seamfree crop bra’ and ‘Maternal magic, wirefree’

  • OXthree… local Brisbane Mums. Specialise in sports/active nursing bras. Very comfortable, very supportive. We love ‘foxy high impact’ and ‘tily jane, medium impact’.

  • Bonds… cheaper options, however they don’t last as long as the top brands. Super soft, easy to find. We love ‘maternity wirefree contour bra’ and ‘maternity wirefree crop’

Hope this helps out some expecting Mammas to be find the perfect bra for you and when to shop for it. Enjoy this time, your boobies will most likely never be the same again ?


Posted By Sally on 23rd May 2018

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