Top 10 (Obvious) Things to Take to Hospital

It is best to take a structured approach when booking into hospital, because once admitted it could be some time before you can phone a loved one and ask them to drop off what you forgot. These are the team at Maternitybag’s most essential things to pack. However if you look around our website you are bound to find many more great ideas.

Obvious items some people simply forget in the heat of Labour include:

  1. Acceptable Identification – A hospital is never going to wheel you into the delivery room without being sure who you are. Official documents such as driver’s licences or medical insurance cards are good.

  2. List of Current Medications - Better still two copies (one for the admissions nurse and the other one for the anaesthetist). Include the name of the medicine, the dosage strength, how often you take it, and when you last did.

  3. Important Phone Numbers – You may be groggy after the procedure and unable to remember an important number. Write down the name, area code and phone contact. Pop this in your MaternityBag with the medicine list.

  4. Small Amount in Cash – Leave your valuables and cards at reception when you book in, but keep a small amount of cash in case you feel like a nibble from the convenience shop. Hide it in a sock, not in an obvious place like your pocket.

  5. Comfortable Clothing – A hospital gown may be the most awful piece of clothing ever designed. Pack two changes of comfy clothes you can sleep in, wear to the toilet, or walk down to the vending machine wearing.

  6. Prepaid Phone Card – Check ahead of time whether the hospital allows mobile phones. If not, you are going to need a phone card to call family and friends. These are almost as good as cash. Hide yours in a different place.

  7. Stuff for Having Fun – To avoid extreme boredom we recommend you fill any spare spaces in your maternitybag with radio / mp3 player (remember headset), crossword puzzles and anything else to keep you occupied.

  8. Spectacles – Hospitals are boring places. They want your bed back as soon as possible. About the only things to do are either read or watch television. If you need your specs, pop them in the top of your maternitybag.

  9. Eye Covering / Earplugs – Maternity wards are noisy places and there is always something clattering. Unless you slept through the Lord of Rings Battle of Helms Deep Opening, pack protection for your senses.

  10. Pen and Diary – As the years roll past you will remember the day you gave birth, and may even want to discuss it with an expectant daughter. Memories are precious. Maternity Bag recommends you write them down while you can remember.

Posted By Chauntel on 2nd May 2015

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Great read, all the basics for packing your hospital bag.
I would also recommend to take your camera, not just your phone for photos!
Also we really needed a copy of all our medical contacts like our Doctors details as we had lots of paperwork to fill out whilst we were there.

Posted By Gloria B on Sunday 3rd May 2015 @ 17:07:24


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