What to Pack in your Hospital Bag for Mum Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

Experts recommend that you should have your hospital bag packed between 34-36 weeks, however we think its never too early to be prepared! For some expecting parents this can be overwhelming and very confusing with so many hospital bag checklists available.

It’s always best to check your preferred hospital location to see what they provide. You may have dreams of planning to have a home birth which is great, however in some cases you are rushed to hospital and need your hospital a bag ready to go for your labour and birth. It is always best to be a step ahead in the game and be prepared than to be put in an uncomfortable and rushed position, especially during this exiting time of labour.

Our Hospital Bag Checklist is simple and includes the essentials items for labour, birth and your stay in hospital.   However, if you want to skip all the rigmarole then jump onto our packed hospital bags at MaternityBag and save time, money and the stress of doing it yourself. Priced from only $99.

If not, let us take you through the essentials for your hospital bag for Mums to Be;

*  An Overnight Bag (not a super-sized suitcase as its too heavy and hard to drag around the hospital halls, plus you will overpack with things you don’t really need)

*  All your medical information and history including your Medicare and private health insurance cards

*  Maternity Clothing; comfortable maternity pyjamas / nighties with easy nursing access (MaternityBag have Maternitywear available online from $35.95)

*  Slippers or slides plus some warm socks (hospital can get quite cold, plus if you wear socks its much cleaner)

*  Maternity Bra’s

*  Maternity Pads – we recommend U-Kotex Maternity our customers love them

*  Toiletries – your favourite body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Your first shower after having Baby will be heaven, spoil yourself. Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser and roll on deodorant.

*  Lip Balm, an absolute must. (Hospitals are cold and dry your lips during labour and after can get very dry).

*  Undies. Dark, big girl high waisted underwear. (3-10 cheap pairs as you can throw them out if they get yucky)

*  Nipple Cream (trust us, you don’t want to leave that at home, it’s a god sent. We include GAIA Nipple Balm in our packed Hospital bags)

*  Towel for your car seat (in case of mess)

*  Hot/Cold Pack (perfect for during labour for you lower back, and you can chill in after birth for downstairs)

*  Note Book and Pen (For contraction notes to hand to doctor, you don’t want to had over your phone if its on an app)

That’s it! Seriously! The basic essentials for Mum! We do also recommend adding a few more personal items like your fav pillow, dressing gown and phone chargers.

Good-luck, don’t over pack and enjoy this special time in your life. Having a Baby is a miracle and an unforgettable moment. MaternityBag packs all of the above essentials and a little more luxury items in our Hospital Bags. We even include Maternitywear that you will love and live in at home after Baby is born.

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Posted By Chauntel on 12th February 2020

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What to Pack in your Hospital Bag for Mum Checklist

Experts recommend that you should have your hospital bag packed between 34-36 weeks, however we thin . . .

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