Crackers over the Corona!

Gone Crackers over the Corona Virus!!

I am extremely frustrated seeing the panic buying and stress that this virus has caused so many people. They have “Gone Crackers”. We are especially concerned about our expectant parents, elderly and newborns as their risk is greater and supplies are becoming exhausted. It has become very un-Australian. It is a scary time for Australians and especially Pregnant Women. Current evidence seems to indicate that pregnant women are not at increased risk of hospitalisation or worse outcomes than similar women.

Sorry, but If I was currently carrying my unborn child, I would be putting myself in lockdown to lower any risk. There is no guarantee it won’t affect you or your baby. I would be using up my sick leave if working and calling for the remote to Netflix and chill. This would be right after I completely OCD cleaned my house from top to bottom with antiseptic, bleach, and spray Glen 20 on EVERYTHING!

A great tip is to order as much as you can online, support local businesses and grab a book and just RELAX! 

I feel a little helpful in this pandemic (in our own little way) by providing some security and much needed products to expecting parents.  Our warehouse was lucky enough to be stocked with goodies, so much that we are now offering Free Baby Wipes to all Hospital bag Orders as a bonus.  If you are currently pregnant and want us to prepare your Hospital Bag, please check out our options online today.

Tell us your stories about how you are preparing for the safe arrival of your Baby during this time. What are your top tips to avoid the crowds?

For more information on the COVID-19, please click on the link to download Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection in Pregnancy from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology

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